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If you do not receive an email or reply back from us please check your spam folder. Otherwise, please email us directly at please put your phone number in the subject line.

Once, you received your contact email from us, please continue to use this same email to communicate with us if need be. Please click on the previous email that we send you and click on reply to continue the conversation.

Additional Information

If you need to inform us about something regarding your income tax situation or you need to send us additional slips. Please do so by replying to the email that we previously sent you.


Please send your e-transfer to Please make the password your birthday DDMMYYYY. In the message box, please enter your phone number used on the contact form.

International Workers as a couple or with family

If you are an international worker that is a couple or has a family please use the tab for couple  or family. In the name field please put IW at the end of your first name.

Additional- Questions

Success! Message received.

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