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Your family deserves certainty. Ensure your taxes are prepared properly by using Executive-Bookkeeping today. We are certified experienced income tax preparers. We will be able to file your income tax returns without inconveniencing you, so you can focus on what matters most, your family. The cost will start at $145.00 this includes taxes. If both parties work the cost will start at $185.00.


  • T4-RL-1,(maximum of 6 )

  • RC62, (maximum of 2)

  • RRSP's ( maximum of 6)                

  • Child care expenses (maximum of 3)

  • Medical expenses (maximum of 10)

  • Bus pass forms (maximum of 24)

  • E-filing:  This allows you to receive your refund in less than 8 business days.

  • If you have more than one child, a $10 fee is applied for every additional child. Additional charges also apply for slips.

You are required to leave a deposit to secure your appointment. This deposit gets deducted from your final invoice. Payments methods are PayPal, Major Credit-Card, E-transfer, Interac or Cash.​

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