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We are dedicated to your privacy and security. Therefore, your personal information is always encrypted. We use the same security system as online banking. 

Speak with your tax expert now by or Call and text  (514) 585-7934.


Step 1.


  Contact form:


 Click on the tab Do My Taxes Now and fill out the contact information. If you have a            spouse or child, fill out their information as well. Your phone number will be used as your        reference number.


 Note: If you have elderly parents, and you want them to file their tax return with yours for    certain tax deductions (if eligible), after completing and submitting your own                 information form, go back to the tab“Do My Taxes Now  and use your phone number in the reference field and we will then link up the files. 


    STEP. 2 


   Here are the following ways you can send us your documents:


  1. You can upload, it on the contact form 

  2. You can attach it to your confirmation email.

  3. You can take a photo with your cell phone; Please use the phone number indicated on the contact form as your reference number.





 You will then be prompted, to leave a deposit of $25.00 per tax return. You can pay this with    an e-transfer, Pay-pal, debit or credit card. This deposit then will be deducted from your   final invoice.  You will then receive a confirmation email.






 Once, we received your tax slips and contact form. We will contact you to ensure everything    is in order and no forms are missing and provide you with the price. 




  Completion of income tax returns


 Once your income tax returns are completed, you will receive an email from are done. We        will setup an appointment with you to go over your results. Once your balance is paid, you       will receive two; password-protected folders from us. One is your copy of your income tax       returns the other is the government's copy, which we will need you to sign and return back         to us so that we can file your income tax returns with the governments. 


 Along the way, we will contact you if need be, and you are always welcome to contact us,        that's how we are making filing your taxes, easy.

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